Session 6 – Flexible Learning (Family Day Holiday)


  • The objectives of the flexible learning sessions are to provide students with time to engage with their community-based project and be exposed to different perspectives on the theories and concepts explored in class.


After completing this session, you should be able to:

  • Consider how behavior, identity and action is shaped by and shapes an individual's efforts to engage in positive change in the food system.

Required Readings and Resources

  • READING: Bradley, K., & Herrera, H. (2016). Decolonizing Food Justice: Naming, Resisting, and Researching Colonizing Forces in the Movement. Antipode, 48(1), 97–114. Retrieved through the UBC Library Website.
  • MODULE: Power + Privilege. Engaged Scholarship. University of Memphis
  • WATCHING: A Guerilla Gardener in South Central LA (Ron Finley)