Final Presentation + Infographic


  • 10% of Final Mark
  • Infographics will be printed and displayed in a public setting
  • Similar to an academic poster presentation, group members will be responsible for engaging audience members in a discussion about their project, mediated through the project infographic.
  • Groups will be assessed on the quality of their infographic as well as their presentation style during the public session

Learning Objectives

  1. Understand the purposes of, and potential uses for, infographics
  2. Cultivate creative visual + oral communication skills
  3. Disseminate the key findings and implications of your community-based project to diverse audiences



  • Refer to detailed instructions in Session Notes on Developing Infographics
  • Sign up for a free account on PiktoChart:
  • Make sure to create a username and password that can be shared with all group members
  • Use the code provided to you from your TA to access the PRO account
  • Create an infographic that represents a summary of your community-based project in a visually engaging way, focusing on the following:
  1. Our Partnership
  2. The Issue
  3. Why It Matters
  4. Our Approach
  5. What We Found
  6. Next Steps
  • Don't re-invent the wheel! Note that this follows the same format as your proposal and final report. This is an opportunity to integrate feedback from your TA/instructor/community partner and revise and refine your key learnings before having to write your final group's all connected!


  • All 24 group infographic posters will be printed and posted in an open public space on campus (location to be determined).
  • Community partners, faculty members, and the general public will be encouraged to circulate, review your posters and ask questions.
  • Your TA and another individual will assess your infographic and presentation
  • 2 group members will be expected to be present at all times to engage with individuals as they approach your poster.
  • Prepare an Elevator Pitch (2-3mins summary of your project) and prepare to go into further detail about your project specifics.
  • Visit this site for tips on how to prepare and present your Elevator Pitch
  • Be proactive! Don't wait for individuals to talk to you.
  • Practice, practice, practice.