During your university career, you will have to work as a part of and lead student/professional teams. This webpage will help you identify your strengths and get a team motivated.

A video about work in groups:

Get Off on the Right Foot

At the first meeting...

  • Get to know each other
  • Set a meeting schedule
  • Decide on roles

Set Goals

Find out what each group member wants to get out of the project, and then try to set some goals as a group. Discussing expectations helps groups stay motivated, and prevents conflict.

Know Your Strength

Understand what you can contribute, and take time to learn what others bring to the table. Consider these strengths when deciding on roles or allocating tasks within your group.

Resolve Conflict

Conflict tends to arise when you're working in groups. Learn to manage it by...

Actively listening to others Empathizing Being patient and respectful For more info, please go to Conflict Resolution

Get Working

Here are some tips to keep on track and get things done:

  • Assign tasks based on the strengths and interests of group members
  • Follow up on progress on a regular basis
  • Set a timeline to say organized

Group Work Cheat Sheet

For more information, please go to:

Source: UBC Learning Commons