Local ed. – Bringing Local Food to Classrooms


The City of Vancouver has created a Food Strategy as a tool for developing a just and sustainable food system for the city. It builds on years of food systems initiatives and grassroots community development, considering all aspects of the food system, from seed to table to compost heap and back again.

The City believes that we  all have a stake in our food system, whether it is:

  • Having more opportunities to grow our own food
  • Having a local food market within walking or cycling distance
  • Helping improve access to affordable food
  • Participating in community composting programs
  • Taking part in community food celebrations

This project opportunity revolves around the Food Strategy. Student groups will identify an element of the food strategy that they wish to investigate within the limits of the term. Similar to other groups in LFS 350, students will develop and present an inquiry proposal, implement a course of action, evaluate outcomes and communicate findings. This opportunity is both exciting and challenging. Student groups that choose this project have the freedom of designing their own project. However, you are expected to have a proposal ready to present by Week 5; and, unlike the rest of the course, you will not have the head start that other groups have who are working with a community partner on a preconceived project.