25. Odyssey 1 – Boys and Girls Club of South Coast BC


Project Title

Improving Food Diversity and Nutrition at Odyssey 1

Organization Name

Odyssey 1 - Boys and Girls Clubs of South Coast BC


Youth food insecurity, Food access and nutrition, Harm reduction approach, Asset mapping, Content creation

Related Course Concepts

Food justice, Food security, Asset based community development, Social class/income inequality, Cultural identities, Racism, Indigenous food sovereignty

Organization Information

Organization Name

Odyssey 1 - Boys and Girls Clubs of South Coast BC

Mission and Vision of Organization

Odyssey and Nexus are programs for youth and their families affected by substance use. We provide a wide range of services: individual, family and/or group counselling, drop-in, social/recreational activities, referrals, drug/alcohol information and education, crisis intervention. Our staff consists of youth and family counsellors with a special focus on alcohol and drug issues. We offer a supportive atmosphere, where youth feel comfortable to explore alcohol and drug-related issues and consider options for obtaining a healthier lifestyle. We also provide assessment and referral services to other programs, such as detox and residential treatment.

Guiding Principles + Values

Harm Reduction Self-Determination Strength Based Approach Non-judgemental Trauma-informed

Contact Information

Preferred Method of Contact

  • Best method(s) to contact: Email
  • Best day(s) to contact:Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays, Not available Fridays or Weekends
  • Best time(s) to contact: Mornings, Afternoons

Preferred Platform(s) for Remote Collaboration

  • Email, Google Meet, Zoom
  • N/A

Project Description

Context: What challenge or issue does the project aim to address?

Many of the youth who participate in Odyssey 1 programs are food insecure. We are looking for ways to better support our youth by improving our food options, within a limited budget. We are also considering ways we might be able to help youth develop increased food skills.

Main Project Activities

  • Research low-cost, easy to make, nutritious foods, with an emphasis on diverse culinary needs (ie. halal, diverse cultural cuisines)
  • Research on foods that are easy to access for food insecure youth, including those most readily available at the food bank
  • Develop handouts/tools for youth to create low-cost, nutritious meals at home

Expected Project Deliverable(s)

  • Propose potential substitutions for snack program menu (e.g. cultural diversity considerations, cost, nutritional quality, prep time/logistics) with special consideration for the organizations limited budget and our clients limited access to food
  • Recipes and instructions for students to bring home after each cooking lesson
  • Local Food Asset Map handout/tool that is easy to access and youth-focused

Intended Project Outcome

Improved access to nutritionally-balanced and diverse food for youth who participate in our drop-in program Increased information on food-security resources for youth in our program.

Student Assets and Skills (preferred or required)

  • Leadership skills •
  • Knowledge of adolescent development •
  • Facilitation skills •
  • Knowledge of how healthy eating can impact overall health and well-being •
  • Knowledge of barriers for healthy eating for the population
  • Knowledge of trauma informed approach and harm-reduction
  • Respect and dignity for youth from diverse backgrounds

Student Assets and Skills (to be developed through the project)

  • Knowledge of supporting youth with substance dependency
  • Knowledge of community food security context for youth participating in our program

Are there any mandatory attendance dates (e.g. special event)?

  • N/A

Is a criminal record search (CRS) required?


If a criminal record search is required, when should the process be initiated?  

Preferred Days of Week and Hours


Related Community Service Opportunities for Students

Future work with partnering organization

Required Reading

Project/Partner Orientation Materials

Students should review these materials prior to the first partner meeting:

Additional Project/Partner Orientation Materials

The following will be provided at the first community partner meeting:

  • N/A

Expected Outcomes

Learning Outcomes

I hope students will learn about...

  • The complexity of substance-use issues facing youth in Burnaby and New West

I think students will come to appreciate...

  • The importance of a harm reduction approach

Through this project, students will develop...

  • An understanding of issues affecting Burnaby -New West Youth

Organizational Outcomes

How does the student project contribute to your organization's mission andlong-term vision?

  • This project helps us provide better food options while treating youth with dignity and respect, and also thinking about the role of food in diversity.
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