9 – Artisan Farmers Markets Northshore







Project Title

Testing the Year-Round Market Waters

Organization Name

Artisan Farmers’ Markets Society


Farmers markets, winter, year-round, local food, economic development, business model

Organization Information

Organization Name

Artisan Farmers’ Markets Society

Mission and Vision of Organization


  • To celebrate BC farmers, food and handmade items in vibrant, welcoming, community-connected markets.


  • To connect consumers directly with local farmers, small food producers and artisanal makers in order to support the community’s financial, social and environmental objectives.

Guiding Principles + Values

To support local farmers and small business people who grow, make, bake, raise, or wild -harvest their product in BC by creating strong sales channels.

Contact Information

  • Primary Contact Person(s): Tara Immell
  • Email: tara@immell.com
  • Address: Winter Market at Lonsdale Quay Market, 123 Carrie Cates Ct, North Vancouver, BC V7M 3K7
  • Phone: 604-446-8272
  • Website: https://www.artisanmarkets.ca/
  • Best time(s) method(s) to contact: Email

Project Information

Project Description

The Lonsdale Quay and Ambleside Farmers’ Market are currently open on the North Shore from the start of May to the end of October. Busy weekends attract over 30 vendors to Lonsdale Quay on Saturday and over 60 vendors on Sundays to Ambleside.

Three years ago, year-round farmers’ market products were piloted inside Lonsdale Quay Market. Today, vendors are regularly selling year-round. This project will explore the impact of being open year-round to the vendors, the non-profit society, the Lonsdale Quay Market Community, and the customers.

Project Goal

  • Interview farmers’ market vendors to document reasons for selling / not selling year-round at Lonsdale Quay.
  • Compare May to October traditional outdoor Saturday revenues with year-round revenues.
  • Gather suggestions to promote and grow the year-round market.

Student Assets and Skills (preferred or required)

  • Strong verbal and written communication skills
  • MS Word and MS Excel/Google Sheets proficiency, including Tables & Charts

Student Assets and Skills (to be developed)

  • Eagerness to learn more about local economic, community and environmental impact of farmers’ markets – especially relating to farmers and small food processors.

Criminal record check required?

  • Not required

Project Location

Remote work will be done via email and on the phone, with at least one visit each to Lonsdale Quay Market and nearby farmers’ markets in Vancouver.

Preferred Days of Week and Hours

Meetings On Flexible Learning Dates @ UBC

Project/Partner Orientation Materials

Students are requested to be familiar with the businesses selling at farmers’ markets by the first community partner meeting in order to understand which vendors they prefer to interview. Vendor profiles can be accessed on our website, Lonsdale Quay Market is easily accessed by public transportation, and students are encouraged to visit local farmers’ markets prior to the first meeting.and students are encouraged to visit local farmers’ markets prior to the first meeting.

Review the Infographics of relevant past projects of LFS350 students, such as Growing Local Food Companies and Who are the Green Consumers?

Related Community Service Opportunities for Students

Over 50 community non-profit and charity organizations connect with the public at Artisan Farmers’ Markets and students will have the chance to speak with these partners about their interest and past participation in a winter market.

Expected Outcomes

Learning Outcomes

  • I hope students will learn about year-round farms and the challenges small food processors face.
  • I think students will come to appreciate what local food is sold in Greater Vancouver in the middle of winter.
  • Through this project, students will develop an in-Depth understanding of how farmers’ markets operate, how vendors choose where to sell, and the importance of customers by preparing a SWOT analysis.

Organizational Outcomes

  • Students will document the impact of the Lonsdale Quay Year-Round Market from multiple points of view.
  • Students will prepare suggestions for promoting the Year-Round Market.

More broadly, this project advances our organization’s goals by expanding both Artisan Farmers’ Markets Society’s revenue stream and vendors’ revenue streams by expanding to full-year in two locations.

source: https://wiki.ubc.ca/Course:LFS350/Projects/W2019/ArtisanMarketNorthShore