Richmond Food Bank Society






Project Title

Analyzing the Quantity and Quality of Food distributed at the Richmond Food Bank

Project Description

The food distributed at the Richmond Food Bank includes non-perishable (canned and packaged shelf stable food) as well as perishable items (produce, meat, dairy, bread). Each household is able to pick up food based on the family size.

We would like to analyze the adequacy of the quantity and quality of the food being received by our clients. This will allow us to distribute food in a fair and dignified manner and will help us determine if we need to make any changes regarding 1. Food allowances per household and 2. Food purchases

Project Goal

The goal of the project is to determine the adequacy of the food being distributed both from a quantitative and qualitative viewpoint. Through this data, our organization will have quantifiable data to report to our donors and community partners. This will also allow us to target our food donations and seek out the donations that is most needed and or requested by our clients.

Skills Preferred + To Be Developed

  • Good communication and interpersonal skills
  • Surveying and report writing skills
  • Data entry and analysis

Preferred Days of Week and Hours

Wednesday or Thursdays during grocery distributions (11am-1:00pm)

Project Location

100-5800 Cedarbridge Way. We are centrally located and accessible by public transit.

Project / partner orientation

  • Organizational focus and structure
  • Food recovery and sorting process
  • Food distribution
  • Safety
  • Client confidentiality

Related Community Service Opportunities for Students

Students are welcome to volunteer during our distributions to gain a better understanding of who we serve and how.


  • A cleared Criminal Record Check (CRC) will be required for working with vulnerable adults and children (this is a specific CRC).
  • A majority of the people we serve have limited English speaking skills. We will make every effort to provide the students with a volunteer who can speak Cantonese or Mandarin. However, a student’s ability to speak Cantonese or Mandarin will be an asset especially while surveying the clients.

Organization Information


Richmond Food Bank

Mission + Vision

Mission: To be a caring organization that provides food assistance, advocacy and related support to community members in need. Vision: A caring community where no one goes hungry

Guiding Principles + Values:

  • Respect- We treat everyone with compassion, trust and dignity
  • Service- We seek innovative ways to better serve the community by providing safe and healthy food
  • Cooperation- We work together with organizations and individuals towards a common goal
  • Accountability- We strive to use donations, funds and resources in a transparent, efficient and responsible manner
  • Advocacy- We provide an active and respected voice for the most vulnerable in our community

Primary Contact

Contact Person(s): Hajira Hussain Email: Address: 100-5800 Cedarbridge Way, Richmond BC V6X 2A7 Phone: 604-271-5609 Website: Best time(s) method(s) to contact: Email

Expected Outcomes

Learning Outcomes

  • I hope students will learn about...

Food security and the role of a food bank in addressing this issue

  • I think students will come to appreciate...

The number of people accessing the food bank

  • Students will develop a...

Better understanding of the need for emergency food assistance and the importance of providing healthy options

Organizational Outcomes

  • Socially and health conscious students
  • A community that understands and is willing to participate in making better food choices
  • An educational and meaningful use of how our school garden could be used in the future