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Project Summary

Gordon Neighbourhood House would like to update their Community Food Resource Guide and make it a more user-friendly and interactive document. Students involved in this project will 1. engage in community research to determine if there are food resources in the West End/downtown that are missing from the guide, 2. research opportunities and strategies for using the guide for effectively, and 3. revise the guide accordingly. This project is especially relevant for students in the Global Resource Systems program, or majoring in food and the environment or food nutrition and health, and/or those who are interested in learning more about neighbourhood food programming, community capacity building, and information dissemination methods.

Organization Information


Gordon Neighbourhood House


Gordon Neighbourhood House strives to ensure that the West End of Vancouver is a vibrant and active community, where everyone is empowered to play an active role in civil society. http://gordonhouse.org/
As a place-based community organization, we work alongside our community, sister organizations, local businesses and policy-makers to animate and support dynamic programs, services and initiatives that respond to the needs and dreams of the community.

Primary Contact

  • Name: Stephanie Shulhan, Community Programmer
  • Email: stephanie@gordonhouse.org
  • Address: 1019 Broughton Street
  • Phone: 604-683-2554 ext. 205
  • Website: gordonhouse.org
  • Best time(s) method(s) to contact: Email or phone between 10am and 5pm on weekdays

Project Description

Gordon Neighbourhood House offers a wide variety of programs (many of which are related to food). We have developed a Community Food Resource Guide, but this document is not interactive/user-friendly and is not put to good use. We want to update it and better incorporate it into our outreach and awareness strategy, as well as into our food programs strategies. We’d love some help and fresh eyes to help us figure out how to do this, and get it started. The students taking part in this project may also have the opportunity to put their heads together with our outreach team. This will be one source of learning/training for them.
Goal(s) and project scope
The outcome would be an updated Community Food Resource Guide, and new plan / strategy for using the Resource Guide (and perhaps on how we will measure outcomes resulting from its use). It supports Gordon Neighbourhood House’s goals and objectives as a Good Food Organization, and is in line with its Food Philosophy. One of our ongoing goals is to highlight resources in the West End / downtown community.

Skills Preferred

  • Interest/ passion for food-related issues and resources in a community context
  • Research skills
  • Graphic design skills, if the students produce something along the lines of a brochure with a map and hours (an updated version of the pre-existing community food resource guide)
  • Reliability and willingness to perform work in the West End as well as remotely
  • Ability to work effectively as part of a team that includes GNH staff, volunteers, and other team members.

Project Location

Project meeting(s) will take place at Gordon Neighbourhood House. Public transportation is available. Accessibility details of the building are here: http://gordonhouse.org/about-gordon-neighbourhood-house/accessibility-details/
Please note: Computers for student use may not be available. If possible, students will be asked to bring their own laptops if they need the use of a laptop or computer when working or meeting at GNH. Students can contact Stephanie if they do not have access to their own computer and something will be arranged for them.

Preferred Days of Week and Hours

Days of the week and hours project will take place will be between the hours of 9am and 5pm and will depend on existing room bookings and the availability of spaces for meetings, as well as the students’ schedules. We anticipate that some of the work in preparation/research can be done remotely and according to the students’ schedule.
Project/partner orientation
Getting familiar with our Food Philosophy and our food programs (which can be mostly found on our website, blog, facebook page) could be a first step before students even come to visit (for a general orientation to the House and introduction to the staff). The Resource Guide as it currently stands, and attendance of food team meeting(s) and/or outreach team meeting(s) will serve as orientations to the specific project.

Expected Outcomes

Learning Outcomes

Student will learn about...

  • community engagement and connections (particularly around food-related resources/capacity)
  • the value of partnerships and community connections when it comes to increasing neighbourhood food security and capacity.
  • food related resources/initiatives in the West End of Vancouver (and perhaps beyond) and opportunities for connecting them.

Organizational Outcomes

GNH will gain...

  • Fresh eyes and a unique perspective on community food capacity in the West End / downtown, as well as a more polished and engaging ‘product’ documenting these resources. We would like the students to be able to produce something along the lines of a brochure with a map and hours (an updated version of the pre-existing community food resource guide), that could also be included on our website in electronic format. We are flexible on what the finished product would look like.
source: http://wiki.ubc.ca/Course:LFS350/Projects/2015T2/GNH