Livingstone Elementary – Garden-based Food Literacy Workshops

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Project Summary


This project is an opportunity to get your hands dirty in a school garden setting through food literacy workshops with a local elementary schoolexperience the process of planning, preparing and serving a healthy, low-cost meals to a group of 25-30 guests

  • Plan, implement, and evaluate garden-based food literacy workshops for a Grade 1/2 class at Livingstone Elementary School

Areas of Focus

  • Food literacy
  • Garden-based education


  • Educational program development and evaluation
  • Garden-based food literacy
  • Experience in a K-12 educational setting


Special Considerations

  • Willingness (and energy levels) to engage with Grade 1/2 students!

What is the Opportunity?

Organization name: David Livingstone Elementary School

Mission of organization: The mission of David Livingstone Elementary School is to foster lifelong learning through personal student growth in physical, emotional, intellectual and social development in the context of our ever-changing world. Our Code of Conduct is: Be Respectful, Be Safe, Be Responsible.

Description of project opportunity: We are hoping that students in our Grade 1/2 class will partner up with LFS 350 students to explore garden-based activities and learning through food literacy workshops.

Skills required:

  • Engage the students in an interest in agricultural, nutrition and a general curiosity around school gardens
  • Create enough interest that generates a lot of questions
  • Patience and humour are always good too

Skills to be developed through the opportunity:

  • Garden-based food literacy
  • Leadership
  • Problem Solving
  • Collaboration and Team Building

Project location: David Livingstone Elementary School (315 East 23rd Avenue, Vancouver). Project will take place at the elementary school in a Grade 5/6 classroom. We are very close to Main street (Main & 25th), so the school is very accessible via public transport.

Days of week and hours project will take place?: Our school day is 9am to 3pm, so anytime between that would be ideal.

Primary contact for the students:

  1. Darren Mitzel, Principal
  2. Julie Paris, classroom teacher
    Email: Julie Paris


Learning outcomes:

  • Conduct a series of food literacy workshops for an elementary school audience
  • Discuss what is required to prepare the school garden and get it ready for the Spring. Also explore what vegetables can be planted and harvested during our Lower Mainland Winters.
  • Communicate and collaborate effectively in a community setting

Organizational Outcomes:
Livingstone students will learn:

  • What is required to clean and prepare the school garden for winter
  • Vegetables that can be planted and harvested in the Winter, Spring and early Summer
  • Importance of a properly prepared garden to ensure a successful Spring planting season
  • Greater connection and community building with our local University (UBC)
  • LFS 350 students will be seen as role models and leaders for the Grade 1/2 class and the potential impact/importance of attending a post secondary school