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Project Title

Marketing the Careers in Food Program for Vulnerable Youth in East Vancouver

Project Description

Good Food for All worked with LFS students in the Winter 2018 term to plan and develop our Careers in Food Program, a employment and pre-employment training program to be offered to East Vancouver youth attending the Eastside After School Program. The Eastside After School Program engages youth through free boxing classes, provides a safe after school space, and helps youth access doctors, nurses, and youth workers, in addition to Good Food for All’s food security and nutrition education classes. This project will build on the work started by LFS students and will focus on marketing, outreach, and partnership development for the Careers in Food Program.

The Careers in Food Program will be offered to East Vancouver youth aged 13-19. The program will showcase the broad range of careers and job opportunities in the food industry available to youth and lay out concrete steps and trainings required to secure those jobs and careers. Highlights of the program include a primer course on what jobs are available in the food industry, a speaker series with professionals in various food related industries, presentations from hiring companies and educational institutions, resources on trainings and education available in the city, and workshops on the skills required to secure jobs.

Program Timeline and Modules:

September 2018 - Module 1: Introduction to Jobs and Careers in Food

Introduction to careers that are available and accessible to youth.

December 2018 - Module 2: Career Pathways: Planning your Career in Food

Information on the different types of courses, trainings, certifications, education, and work hours needed for various food careers and where to obtain them. A special focus on “unconventional” career paths.

Goals of the Project

We aim to support youth on their continued path to a healthy and productive life after high school by helping them receive training, secure employment, and embark on a career pathway in the food industry.

Our short term goal with the Careers in Food Program is to show vulnerable East Vancouver youth the myriad of food-related jobs and careers available to them and provide pre-employment training, including resume workshops, job search skills, and interview skills.

Medium term, we aim to help youth identify education and trainings available in the food industry, and help youth secure job in food related industries, and gain exposure to other nonprofit leaders, business owners, and career professionals.

The long term goal with this program is to reduce long-term food insecurity by helping youth break out of the cycle of poverty by gaining well paying, secure jobs.

Thanks to the hard work by LFS students in Winter 2018, our program is set to launch in September.

The Project Scope for this term is focused on marketing, outreach, and partnership development. Part I of the project will take the research we’ve collected so far and make it accessible and distributable to programs participants and partners through our program website and a range of marketing assets. Part II of the project focuses on finding partners to assist with program delivery and funding. 

1. Create Marketing Assets for Participants and Partners 

  • Evaluate existing research and resources to identify areas where more information is needed; complete research to fill in any gaps
  • Write copy for website and marketing assets
  • Populate website with copy
  • Create marketing assets
  • Liaise with graphic designer where required

 Deliverable: Marketing Assets and Website 

2. Outreach to Partners and Funders

  • Build out existing database of schools, programs, partners, and businesses in food-related industries
  • Develop partnerships with schools and businesses
  • Secure and formalize partnerships and sponsorships

 Deliverable: Partner Database and Confirmed Partnerships and Sponsorships 

Skills Preferred + To Be Developed

  • Branding, marketing, design, web development
  • Business development and outreach
  • Experience or interest in developing food/career/educational programs
  • Experience working with a vulnerable population is an asset

Project Location

This project requires students to work remotely. 

Preferred Days of Week and Hours

Students may work on this project on their own time. Any potential meetings or interviews will occur during normal business hours.

Project Partner Orientation

A full student orientation will be conducted by Executive Director, Elizabeth Fisher and Food Security and Nutrition Education Assistant, Grace Bell.

All prior work completed by LFS students and the existing program plan will be made available to the group upon start of the project. This is best discussed in-person after the project start date due to the potentially sensitive nature of information.

Our website, along with our social media accounts are excellent places to get a sense of our work.

Existing project website:

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A cleared Criminal Record Check (CRC) will be required for working with vulnerable adults and children (this is a specific CRC)

Organization Information


Good Food for All and Eastside Boxing Club

Mission + Vision

Good Food for All seeks to increase access, interest, and knowledge of healthy and nutritious food to improve healthy-food security, empower individuals to make healthier food choices, and develop a culture of “good food” in communities, schools, and homes.

We work directly with inner-city youth in East Vancouver, offering programs in food security, nutrition education, and food skills. We tackle short term food insecurity through our afterschool snack programs and food pantries. Our goal is to improve long term food insecurity through our Careers in Food Program, which will help youth secure higher paying, stable jobs, allowing them to break the cycle of poverty that causes food insecurity. 

Guiding Principles + Values

At Good Food, we believe that all program participants deserve the highest quality services. That means we strive to serve fresh, organic, locally sourced food at our snack program. Our East Van Food Security program provides inner-city youth in East Vancouver with access to nutritious food through healthy snacks and food pantries. We partner with nonprofits and community organizations running activity-based programs to ensure youth are getting the nutrition and support they need to stay active and healthy. Our nutrition education workshops are taught by expert dietitians and nutritionists. We have a strictly “no cuppa noddles” policy for stocking our healthy food pantry. The depth and quality of our programs and services reflects our organizational commitment to equality, democratic practices, and community-led programming.

Primary Contact

  • Contact Person(s): Elizabeth Fisher
  • Email:
  • Address: 2646 Glen Dr., Vancouver BC V5T 4B5
  • Phone: (778) 938-1255
  • Website:
  • Best time(s) method(s) to contact: Email

Expected Outcomes

Learning Outcomes

  • I hope students will learn about...

The employment challenges faced by vulnerable youth in East Vancouver and corresponding opportunities.

The myriad of opportunities available in the growing food industry.

Website design, creating marketing assets

Outreach and relationship building with sponsors and partners

  • I think students will come to appreciate…

The strength of the community in East Vancouver and the Downtown Eastside.

How willing people are to contribute to nonprofit projects when given the opportunity.

The amount of detail and research that goes into nonprofit program design

  • Students will develop a...


-       A knowledge of building and implementing a new community-based program.

Concretely, project deliverables include:

-       Deliverable: Marketing Assets and Launchable Website

-       Deliverable: Partner Database and Confirmed Partnerships and Sponsorships

Organizational Outcomes

  • Build on the already strong program foundation developed with the help of LFS students
  • New perspective on research and program development
  • Pipeline of potential employees and supporters