4. City Studio/City of Vancouver


Project Title

Community conversations about the future of food in the city, hopes and fears and capturing community sentiments to share for the Vancouver Plan.

Organization Name

City of Vancouver & CityStudio Vancouver


Food security, interviews, co-creation, cities, community co-creation

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Organization Information

Organization Name

City of Vancouver and City Studio

Mission and Vision of Organization

City of Vancouver Create a great city of communities that cares about our people, our environment, and our opportunities to live, work, and prosper. CityStudio Vancouver Our mission is to innovate and experiment with the ways cities are co-created, while teaching students the skills needed to succeed in today’s economy and inspire action in the community and government.

Contact Information

Primary Contact Person(s): Jason Hsieh, Caitlin Doward, & Kelly Gardner

Email: jason.hsieh@vancouver.ca; kelly@citystudiovancouver.com; caitlin.doward@vancouver.ca

Phone: 604-874-6401

Address: CityStudio Vancouver 1800 Spyglass Place Vancouver, BC V5Z 4K7

Preferred Method of Contact

·       Best method(s) to contact: Email

·       Best day(s) to contact:  Monday - Friday

Best time(s) to contact: Generally more time available Fridays


Preferred Platform(s) for Remote Collaboration

Email Google





Project Description

Context: What challenge or issue does the project aim to address?

Food has broad importance in our everyday lives, and also holds important cultural and social value. How people access food and food systems can tell planners a great deal about their access to other important resources, about their community networks and assets, and about the challenges they might encounter outside the food system. Experiences such as COVID-19 pandemic have highlighted what assets are particularly valuable, and what inequities and gaps exist for the community. How communities envision a future food system can likewise tell us about their values, their hopes, and potential pathways to a more resilient and equitable future

Main Project Activities

The group of students will be responsible for: Adapting and tailoring Vancouver Plan engagement questions into an activity that can be run with community members. Working with community organization to set up and run activities with its membership, and documenting outputs from activities (eg. interview notes). Interpreting and formatting the narratives into an accessible and informative narrative format, relating aspects of their experience to relevant thematic areas of the Vancouver Plan. Validating outputs with community members.

Expected Project Deliverable(s)

·      Interview questions and/or activity, along with description of proposed approach

·      Interview documentation from sessions with community members

·      Completed narratives with analysis to be used as Vancouver Plan inputs

Intended Project Outcome

Nuanced understanding of this specific community’s food system and relation to Vancouver Plan topics Creation of an accessible engagement tool that can be adapted in the future for further engagement phases

Student Assets and Skills (preferred or required)

Experience conducting interviews and/or running activities with diverse communities Familiarity with concepts of power, privilege, race Cultural and/or language competencies Relevant graphic presentation skills

Student Assets and Skills (to be developed through the project)

Sophisticated understanding of social and cultural dimensions of food, applying power, privilege, race Experience in collaborating with community organizations Co-producing valuable inputs for policy process

Are there any mandatory attendance dates (e.g. special event)?

·       TBD

Is a criminal record search (CRS) required?


Related Community Service Opportunities for Students

Due to social distancing, we will not provide any in-person volunteer opportunities at this time. We will let you know if anything comes up!

Required Reading

Project/Partner Orientation Materials

Students should review these materials prior to the first partner meeting:


Additional Project/Partner Orientation Materials

Expected Outcomes

Expected Outcomes

Learning Outcomes

I hope students will learn about...

I think students will come to appreciate...

Through this project, students will develop...

Organizational Outcomes

How does the student project contribute to your organization's mission and long-term vision?

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