11 – Good Food for All Strategic Landscape Analysis







Project Title

Strategic Landscape Analysis

Organization Name

Good Food for All


Children's food programs, youth food programs, after school programs, Vancouver, food security, landscape analysis, environmental scan

Organization Information

Organization Name

Good Food for All

Mission and Vision of Organization

Good Food for All seeks to increase access, interest, and knowledge of healthy and nutritious food to improve healthy-food security, empower individuals to make healthier food choices, and develop a culture of “good food” in communities, schools, and homes.

We work directly with marginalized women, children, and youth in East Vancouver, offering programs in food security, nutrition education, and food skills. We tackle short term food insecurity through snack programs and food pantries. We also work to improve long term food insecurity through capacity building programs, including pre-employment training programs, which allow youth to break the cycle of poverty that causes food insecurity.

Guiding Principles + Values

At Good Food, we believe that all program participants deserve the highest quality services. That means we strive to serve fresh, organic, locally sourced food at our snack program. Our East Van Food Security program provides marginalized youth, women, and children in East Vancouver with access to nutritious food through healthy snacks and food pantries. We partner with nonprofits and community organizations running activity-based programs to ensure participants getting the nutrition and support they need to stay active and healthy. Our nutrition education workshops are taught by expert dieticians and nutritionists. We have a strictly "no cuppa noddles" policy for stocking our healthy food pantry. The depth and quality of our programs and services reflects our organizational commitment to equality, democratic practices, and community-led programming.

Contact Information

  • Primary Contact Person(s): Elizabeth Fisher
  • Email: beth@goodfoodforall.org
  • Address: 2646 Glen Dr. Vancouver BC V5T 4B5
  • Phone: (778) 938-1255
  • Website: https://goodfoodforall.org/
  • Best time(s) method(s) to contact: Email

Project Information

Project Description

Good Food for All has found itself with increased organizational capacity moving into 2019. The goal of this project is to determine which areas of our food security programming we should channel our increased capacity towards building. This project will conduct an analysis of the ‘competitive’ landscape (i.e. organizations offering similar programs in Vancouver addressing food security) and a needs assessment for current and potential partners to get a clear idea of what other organizations/services are out there, what programs/services are most needed, and whether Good Food for All can fill those gaps.

The project will include interviews with current and potential partners, research on similar organizations, and analysis of our current program mix and organizational capacity to lay the groundwork for program design and program offering moving into the future.

Project Goal

The goal of this project is to complete a thorough strategic landscape analysis of food security organizations in Vancouver and a review of current partners biggest needs to inform our strategic plan and program growth into the future.

The Project will include:

  • Interviews with current partners in all programs to determine their needs, how Good Food is serving their needs, and potential for additional services offered by Good Food in the future.
  • Outreach to partners similar to ours (i.e. after school program providers) to determine their needs, how other organizations are serving their needs, the potential for partnerships in the future, and identify best practices.
  • Identify the “main players” in our field
  • Research on other organizations offering similar programming to ours to identify best practices in partnerships, funding, and program design.
  • Analysis of this information and translation into a single strategy document

Student Assets and Skills (preferred or required)

  • Analysis
  • Research
  • Conducting interviews
  • Designing and delivering surveys

Student Assets and Skills (to be developed)

  • Strategic Planning
  • Competitive Analysis
  • Organization Growth Planning

Criminal record check required?


Project Location


Preferred Days of Week and Hours


Project/Partner Orientation Materials

  • A full student orientation will be conducted by Executive Director, Elizabeth Fisher.
  • Please review the organization's website and social media profiles @goodfood_forall for background information.

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Expected Outcomes

Learning Outcomes

  • I hope students will learn about the food security landscape in East Van
  • I think students will come to appreciate the complexity of food security programs
  • Through this project, students will develop an understanding of analytical skills, how nonprofits plan to grow their programs

Organizational Outcomes

  • Better understanding of the landscape we work in
  • Groundwork for a full strategic plan
  • Better programs designed in response to partner needs More broadly, this project advances our organization’s goals by helping us improve the effectiveness and efficiency of our current programs and where we can focus our efforts moving into the future.
source: https://wiki.ubc.ca/Course:LFS350/Projects/W2019/ESBC