Galiano Island Community Food Program – Nutritional Analysis of Meal Program






Project Summary


This project is an exciting opportunity to experience the complexities of an island food system.

  • Students will conduct a nutritional analysis of the meals offered by the Galiano Island Community Food Program.

Areas of Focus

  • Community food security
  • Nutritional analysis
  • Dietary restrictions and special needs


  • Nutrition analysis
  • Written communications
  • Culinary arts


  • Galiano Island

Special Considerations

  • This project requires students to travel to Galiano Island for a one-day weekend field trip in the term (i.e. a free trip to a gulf island...)

Organization Information


Galiano Community Food Program


"The Galiano Community Food Program, part of the Galiano Club, builds community by growing, preparing, preserving and sharing food. The Food Program nourishes and strengthens island food security through learning and sharing skills. The Food Program values collaboration, inclusiveness and connections, healthy growing practices, sustainability and equal food access for all. One of the priorities of the Food Program is to provide low-cost healthy meals to the community. For more information visit: Galiano Food Program

Primary Contact

  • Name: Jane Wolverton, President of the Galiano Club
  • Email:
  • Address: 141 Sturdies Bay Road
  • Phone: 250-539-2427
  • Website:

Project Description

The Food Program is interested in having students conduct a nutritional analysis of the recipes in their meal plan. Students involved in this project will interview community members to identify common dietary requirements and make recommendations on how to improve the nutritional quality of select meals that meet the common dietary requirements. This project is especially relevant for students majoring in dietetics, food market analysis, food nutrition and health, and/or who are interested in learning more about community health issues, meal planning, and cooking for large groups.

The Food Program organizes several community hot lunches, serving soup and meals to community members, and also prepares several frozen meals for seniors which are distributed throughout the community. We currently make approximately 15 different meals regularly (using the same recipes). We’d like to know:

  • The nutritional profile for each meal
  • What special meals/dietary requirements are prevalent on the island? Diabetes? Heart? Celiac?

Skills Preferred

  • Nutritional analysis and culinary experience
  • Attention to detail
  • Strong interpersonal skills for engaging with residents

Skills to Be Developed

  • Research skills
  • Interview skills
  • Analytical skills in assessing different forms of data
  • Written presentation skills (through summarizing and communicating the study results and implications)

Project Location

Work could be mostly from Vancouver (phone interview and online research). An one-day visit is necessary so students will be able to gain a better understanding of the meal program.

Preferred Days of Week and Hours

To be determined, based on student availability.

Experiential Learning Opportunities

  • Potential work to be completed with the community meal program

Expected Outcomes

Learning Outcomes

Student will be able to...

  • develop their research skills;
  • analyze recipes
  • practice written presentation and graphic skills;
  • apply and practice interview skills

Organizational Outcomes

Galiano Community Food Program will gain...

  • a set of recommendations for improving the nutritional profiles of their recipes
  • the latest research and knowledge in food sciences and dietetics
  • strengthened relationship with UBC